Sunday, July 10, 2005

When Off Means On: So you're not on the list ... do you think you're unaffected?

Now for something serious.

So you're not on the list ... do you think you're unaffected? Think again.

We all know about The List by now. The Secret List no one was told they were on, no one wants to be on. The List that no one is allowed to know they're on, because no one is allowed to discuss it. (More on Stalinist suppression in the affiliate industry later).

I wouldn't expect to be on The List, but it seems The List is not so much a List of THE Top 200 as a list of 200 Performers, and I'm a top for a number of merchants.

Anyway, I know I'll find out soon enough. You see, there's a Revolution in Progress. That's right, Mr GetAClueTrain - you'd better go down your customer list cuz honey you got more leaks right now than a Colander. But then, it's all public information ... right?

Now for Our Story already in progress.

You see, not long after The List was released I was notified that some of my web properties were listed under "websites of note". They were there because earlier this year, I'd purchased them from another affiliate.

Now my investment is worthless. Being content sites they are especially vulnerable to IP theft by high profile exposure as "performers". In addition, what was supposed to be an asset has now been rendered a liability by exposing my existing properties.

So if you're an affiliate and you've bought any sites or domains from other affiliates, you'd better find out if that affiliate is on The List - and if those sites are listed in their profile - because you're at risk.

It's like VD.

In keeping with the spirit of suppression, I am disabling comments for this post. I might, if someone gives me sufficient business reason to enable them, consider it. But frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about your TOS or whatever else you have to say.

To think anyone would have the utter audacity to sell - to divulge for money - mine, or anyone elses' proprietary business information, then contractually prohibit buyers from divulging the unauthorized use of my own information - to ME.